Looking for highly effective ways to improve your muscle? Gone are the days of following trendy and complicated diet plans, which only breaks your bank because here are the best lean-muscle building foods for you. To get noticeable results, start filling your kitchen with these foods:

Brown rice

To get a long-lasting energy all day long and whenever you’re working out, add brown rice on your diet. This can also enhance your growth hormone levels that are crucial for stimulating lean muscle growth, strength gains and fat loss.


Beef, as one of the best lean-muscle building foods is essential for lean muscle development. It contains cholesterol, protein, B vitamins, zinc as well as iron. Moreover, beef from grass-fed calves tends to have higher conjugated linoleic acid level than traditionally raised cattle.


Sometimes referred as the perfect protein, eggs’ power to boost strength gains and lean muscle is not just because of protein. The yolks, in particular, where you can find the cholesterol, perform most of the nutritional job.


It’s a wonderful source of glutamine, a type of amino acid which is imperative in developing more lean muscles. Additionally, spinach has the ability to boost endurance and muscle strength.


Train harder and longer with apples. Eating apples increases your muscle strength and avoids muscle fatigue. More studies prove that particular polyphenols in apples could burn more fats also.

Organic Milk

This contains casein and whey. Not only that, it is also jam-packed with amino acid glutamine. It has been known that organic milk contains about 70% more of omega-3 fatty acids than the traditional milk.

You have just read the best lean-muscle building foods. If you have been frustrated by tons of fake supplements promises out there, wait until you actually experience dramatic improvement on your body while eating these protein-rich foods.

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